Vanson Fluorescent Pantone Inks

Buy VanSon Fluorescent Pantone Inks online here, all prices are per 1kg / 2.2lb tin.

Fluorescent inks can be used on a letter press, however they need to be washed out after use. Vanson fluorescent Pantone colour inks

Make your printed products standout by using fluorescent inks show your customers just how vibrant their, marketing material can look using fluorescent inks. 
Many printers often add fluorescent inks to their CMYK mixes to intensify the colours.
Fluorescent inks add high impact visibility to commercial print.
Suitable for all types of paper and board.

If you have a technical question about VanSon inks our Pressroom Manager, Pressroom Products and Supplies specialist, Clive maybe able to help, contact him directly on: 07557 281 479.

Please note: the colour chart is for visual purposes and should not be relied upon as a true colour representation of the ink.

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