Litho Printing Technical Experts

Mayday Graphic Products have been selling graphic supplies, products and equipment for many years and over that time have seen an extraordinary change in Litho printing technology and products.

When Mayday Graphics first started in business all Litho printers then, used film and the processing of it to transfer graphic images onto the printing plate, although now that process has, over matter of 10 years has almost completely disappeared, being replaced by computer-to-plate systems (CtP) whereby the plate is processed in a semi enclosed system, using, up until a few years ago plate developing chemistry, power and water, now though almost all printing plates are what are called processless, whereby they don't use any plate chemistry, much less power and no water, an all together far more environmentally friendly process. Mayday do still stock and sell plate chemistry to printers still using what we call 'conventional' plates, of which we do stock a very limited number.

Mayday Graphic Products primarily stock and sell plates from two of the world's best known imaging companies; Kodak who manufacture the Sonora XP plate and few others, and Fujifilm, whose main range of plates are Fujifilm Brilla range that encompass the Lo-Chem, low chemistry plates and the processless PRO T3 plate range of no-process plates (plates that require no processing using chemistry and water), although still have to be put through a CtP system in order to fix the image.

Pressroom Inks, Blankets and Sundries

In addition to plates printers also need ink and sundry products, such and blankets that transfer the image onto the print media, paper. Mayday stock a range of Litho printing inks all available for next day delivery from well know ink manufacturers; VanSon, Sun Chemical and Huber. Mayday Graphic Products also sell a range of pressroom chemicals under the Mayday brand, PressPro, together with chemistry from Fujifilm and Kodak.

Litho Problems Solved - Free Plate & Pressroom Audit

Mayday's expertise in the Litho printing market enable us to help printers overcome printing issues and problems they may have either in the Pre-Press department or in the Pressroom. We are also able to call upon the services of our suppliers with whom we have close working relationships, who in most cases are able to overcome complex printing problems, chemistry and plate issues. Kodak and Fujfilm it should be remembered offer free Printing Plate and Pressroom audits for printers considering moving their plate business to another supplier. Contact Mayday to see if your company qualify for this.

Please feel free to contact Mayday if you have any Litho printing problems or pre-sale questions.

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