CtP Plates

Pro T3, Sonora XP CtP Litho Plates and Chemistry Manufactured By Fujifilm & Kodak.

Mayday Graphic Products are Litho supplies and Pre-press re-sellers for two major graphic product manufacturers Fujifilm who manufacture the PRO-T3 and Low-Chem range and Kodak who manufacture the Sonora XP, Trillian and Kodak Electra XD plate range. Most of our customers use these brands of CtP plates, however if you have a requirements for plates or products from another manufacturer we may be able to meet these, please call.

Fujifilm have been supplying Mayday with plates and chemistry for many years and their expertise in this area is second to none. As you would expect from such a large manufacturer of litho and graphic products they offer a wide range of end user support and have decades of experience of problem solving and helping litho and digital printers achieve the best from their products and equipment.

Fujifilm first began trading in 1934 based on a plan by the Japanese government to establish a domestic photographic film manufacturing industry, inheriting the photographic film operations of Dainippon Celluloid Company Limited.

Later that year began operating, producing photographic film, photographic print paper, dry plates, and other photosensitive materials.

Fujifilm have latterly become well known for their range ‘Lo-Chem’ and true processless plate ranges Pro V and Pro T, along with their long established Brillia litho printing plate brand and the PressMax litho printing chemistry brand.

Mayday and Kodak have enjoyed a long relationship over the years supplying litho printing plates and chemistry, some of our largest customers have used Kodak plates, chemistry and their plate processors for many years.

Kodak are well known in the litho printing world for the Kodak Prinergy workflow software systems that decrease ink consumption, waste and make ready times and their Kodak developed digital printing plates that reduce the consumption of energy, water, and chemistry; and KODAK Digital Printing Solutions that offer cleaner operations and reduced waste with targeted customized quality print work.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of Mayday Graphic Products supplying you with Fujifilm or Kodak products please us or use the Mayday Contact List.

Fujifilm and Kodak Model: CtP Plates Product ID: CtP-Plates CtP plates that need no or less chemistry, gum, water and lower elecletricty usage to process.


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