Huber Inks Pantone® Colour Mixes (Code: HUBER-PAN-MIX-S)

Huber Inks Pantone® Colour Mixes
Price: £15.27
Huber inks Pantone colour mixes: Standard, Fluorescent & Metallic, coated or uncoated.
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Huber - Ink Pantone Mixes

Mayday Graphic Products Litho Supplies can supply ink mixes made using inks from Huber Group for the following ink types:-

  • Standard Pantone colour ink
  • Fluorescent ink
  • Metallic ink

Please remember to enter the Pantone Colour Number of the mix you require, then select the Ink Type and the Shade, either Coated or Uncoated dependent on which paper type you wish to print on and Paper Finishing select either UV Varnishable + £13.50 or Lamination + £13.50.

Note: for most metallic inks, the Pantone reference number will be 4 digits and start with an 8, please select Metallic.

The base price for a Standard Quality Pantone Sun Ink mix regardless of colour is £15.27; thereafter additional charges apply for the other special mixes: Fluorescent ink and Metallic ink.

Prices quoted are for 1 kilo vacuum packed tins.

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