Kodak - No Process & Low Chemistry Litho Printing Plates

Kodak - No Process & Low chemistry Litho printing plates overview - these plates are commonly used by Litho printers throughout the UK.

These Litho printing plates are available from Mayday Graphic Products and can be ordered for next day delivery of held as consignment stock for large volume users. Call us today for a quote or see the 'Who to Contact' page for email addresses.

Note: Plate chemistry can only be delivered in the Mayday Graphic Products delivery and distribution areas: N & E London, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk & Norfolk.

Kodak Electra MAX

The operating cycle for plate processors using the MAX plate is also much longer, using the Electra Max plate means cleaning can be performed once every six or eight weeks. Electra Max replaces the Trillian plate.

Kodak Libra VP

Kodak's new Libra VP litho printing plates is more sustainable and kinder to the environment and cheaper to process with run lengths up to 250,000 impressions. Libra VP Plates are compatible with market-leading violet CTP systems and plate equipment.

Kodak Sonora XP

Process Free Plates deliver the print capabilities and productivity of mainstream plates, without the processing and chemistry . . . so you can be competitive, save money, and reduce environmental impact, all at the same time with no compromises.

Kodak Trillian

Commercial printers face competitive pressures to improve efficiency and reduce turnaround time, while increasing consistency and quality. KODAK TRILLIAN SP Thermal Plates help printers meet these challenges with an impressive combination of outstanding productivity and performance, significantly lower total cost of use, and reduced environmental impact

Kodak Electra XD

Thermal Plates build upon the technology of the world’s best-selling thermal printing plates. ELECTRA XD Plates deliver outstanding performance both in prepress and in the pressroom where they are rated for up to 350,000 impressions unbaked.

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