Banner PVC - For Dye & Pigment Inkjet Printers

Tear Proof Gloss Banner Vinyl 190mcs

A range of low cost tear resistant matt banner vinyl’s that have an instant dry quality made from tough polypropylene for indoor or short term outdoor advertising display applications.  Most often used as an economy roll up banner.

Can be used with thermal and piezo inkjet printers using dye and pigment inks. Water resistant with pigment inks.

  • 610mm x 30m
  • 914mm x 30m
  • 1067mm x 30m
  • 1118mm x 30m
  • 1270mm x 30mview-all-button
  • 1524mm x 30m

Matt Tear Proof Banner Vinyl 190mcs

Low cost indoor and outdoor matt signage and advertising PVC, available as tear resistant polypropylene or tough scrim banner vinyl.

  • 1067mm x 30mview-all-button
  • 1270mm x 30m

Grey Block 180mcs Roll Up White Banner Vinyl

Bright white, rigid,  100% blockout banner with a traditional grey back and excellent no curl characteristics for Roll Up display applications.

Instant drying & water resistant.  For use with Dye and Pigment inks.

Also available in 350mcs (see below)

  • 1067mm x 20 & 30mview-all-button
  • 1270mm x 20 & 30m

Grey Block 350mcs Roll Up White Banner Vinyl

  • 1067mm x 20 & 30mview-all-button
  • 1270mm x 20 & 30m

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