Asphalt Art Clear Walk

Asphalt Art Clear Walk can be used for short and mid term surface advertising and can be used on various indoor surfaces where the printed image needs to be transparent.Asphalt Art Clear Walk logo

The integrated foil layer consists of a dimension stable film with a resilient printable textured surface, ideal for areas of high foot-fall. Watch the video here

Featuring an extremely, secure and slip-resistant surface, a chemical resistance and longevity.

The reverse side is coated with a pressure sensitive waterproof adhesive covered by a removable backing paper.

Asphalt Art ClearWalk provides a resilient, durable, slip resistant surface for a large variety of applications, while at the same time, however quick and easy to print on.- Roll Size Chart.

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ApplicationsAsphalt Art Clear Walk 3d surface effect

  • Can be used indoor on almost any surface, tiles, marble, stone
  • Point of Sale
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls
  • Pharmacies
  • Museums and exhibitions
  • Bathroom, baths and wet-rooms
  • Saunas and gyms


  • Indoor: can be used for short and mid-term bonding. Up to 3 monthsAsphalt Art clear Walk floor media
  • Outdoor: can be used for short term bonding. Up to 1 week
  • Can be applied on most surfaces
  • Easy removed
  • Good slip-resistance (anti slip rating R10 / DIN 51130)
  • Wet area and outdoor applications
  • Can be cut with a normal cutting plotter into any shape required
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Print, dry and apply liquid lamination for improved durability
  • No lamination, no sandwich structure - just a one step process




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