Asphalt Art Classic

Asphalt Art products are environmentally friendly, having been designed and developed with the environment in mind. What’s more the best selling item within the range, AsphaltArt is 100% recyclable.Asphalt Art Classic vinyl on cobbles

Asphalt Art products have been tested and approved for use in many countries. worldwide, not only is AsphaltArt successful when used for floor and surfaced based graphic advertising, its popularity is growing all the time when recommended by advertising agencies to their clients. Watch the video here.

More importantly, however the product range is in daily use on surfaced based graphic advertising applications, in particular: Asphalt Art Classic, Asphalt Art Cat Walk and Asphalt Art Tex Walk are certificated to British Standard BS7976 for anti-slip resistance, backed up by insurance from Allianz Suisse.

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Asphalt Art Classic printable, textured indoor and outdoor vinyl

AsphaltArt has been designed for short to mid term advertising applications dependent on where the product is applied and used on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, untreated stone, pavement and many more surfaces, please call Mayday Graphic Products to discuss your requirements. - Roll Size Chart.

One of the major reasons advertising agencies use this material is because it can be easily. Specifically developed to withstand robust abrasion, makes it ideal for use in areas of high foot-fall such as shopping malls and pedestrian areas and other influences caused by normal use of the product.

The special adhesive is designed to work outdoor on rough and untreated surfaces.

Featuring a high slip resistance, AsphaltArt products can be used almost anywhere, even on stairs.


  • POS
  • Bus, tramway, or metro stations
  • Sport events: bicycle or car races, marathons…
  • Car, motorbike resellers showrooms and outdoor spaces
  • Museums , meetings and other cultural events
  • Petrol stations
  • Car parking’s indoor and outdoor including driveways
  • Drive troughs
  • Pedestrian areas
  • Stairs and entrance lobbies


  • A strong visual impact when applied to the outdoor or indoor ground
  • Robust against abrasion (without lamination)
  • Long durability (dependent on the application)
  • Strong tack to the surface
  • Conforms even to roughest surfaces
  • Can be cut with normal cutting plotters into any shape
  • Ultra slip resistant  on dry and wet  conditions.  Similar to asphalt
  • Anti slip - R10 certificate (anti slip rating R10 / DIN 51130)


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