Fujifilm Pressmax Litho Printing Chemistry Overview

PressMax Litho printing pressroom founts, washes, coatings, silicon and glues from Mayday.

A complete range of founts, washes, coatings, sprays, silicones, glues and auxiliaries to optimise performance in your pressroom.

These Litho printing pressroom founts, washes, coatings and silicons are available from Mayday Graphic Products and can be ordered for next day delivery (if in stock) of held as consignment stock for large volume users. Call us today for a quote or see the 'Who to Contact' page for email addresses.

Please read Important information on the delivery of Litho printing plate chemistry.

Fujifilm Fountmax litho chemistry

Fujifilm FountMax

Maximising print quality, minimising downtime, reducing print costs through less wastage; increasing machine speeds and achieving environmentallyfriendly operation. They’re all clear challenges when running a modern print factory – and FountMax helps you achieve them all.
When using non-absorbent sheet-fed substrates, cobalt-free formulations - featuring the latest drying (iso EcoDry) technology - are also available.When using non-absorbent sheet-fed substrates, cobalt-free formulations - featuring the latest drying (iso EcoDry) technology - are also available.


fujifilm washmax litho chemistry

Fujifilm WashMax

The benefits of using WashMax include a healthier working environment, plus an absolute minimum of wastage following machine re-start. As wash-filtration steadily grows in demand, the WashMax range also comprises solutions engineered for multi-use when used in a controlled filtration process. Achieving unrivalled removal of ink and paper build-up, washes are water-miscible and meet the strict material compatibility and corrosion protection guidelines of FOGRA.


Fujifilm Coatmax litho chemistry

Fujifilm CoatMax

Choosing CoatMax UV finishes opens up a whole world of moods and atmospheres. Water-based CoatMax super-gloss finishes rival the gloss qualities of UV. High-gloss coated double-sided effects are achieved with ease. Providing superb results whatever the substrate — along with trouble-free application, fast drying, high wet block and rub resistance.


Fujifilm Silmax litho chemistry

Fujifilm SilMax

Achieving the finest quality print can only be achieved by applying a protective re-moistening emulsion immediately after the drying stage. This will shield the printed web during conversion into a folded brochure.

Formulated especially to provide the highest levels of protection, the components in the SilMax range of silicone emulsions have antistatic properties and include polymer additives for the streak-free throughput of numerous paper substrates.


Fujifilm gluemax litho chemistry

Fujifilm GlueMax

Available in different formulations, our GlueMax range has been developed for all graphic arts finishing applications and will ensure the best performance on your finishing line. GlueMax includes specific polymer formulas for inline print finishing on both coldset and heatset press configurations, with application by all common gluing devices.

In addition, specialist GlueMax solutions are also available for packaging and the most challenging finishing requirements of the graphic arts markets.


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