Fujifilm PlateRite HD 8900 B1 CtP Platesetter

Fujifilm Luxel CtP T 9800

High output B1 CtP Thermal CtP system - produce up to 67 press-ready B1 plates per hour with this fast Platesetter.

 High productivity B1+ thermal Platesetter available in a number of versions, capable of producing up to 67 press-ready B1 plates (PlateRite HD 8900Z) per hour in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic configurations.


  • Compatible with most B1 and B2 press formats up to plate size 1160mm x 940mm
  • Tailored system configuration flexibility to meet production requirements
  • No safelight requirements mean the machine is easy to use, service and maintain
  • High quality plate making when used with Fujifilm Brillia thermal CTP plates

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  • Up to 33 x B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi (PlateRite HD 8900E), 43 x B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi (PlateRite HD 8900S) or 67 x B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi (PlateRite HD 8900Z)
  • Maximum plate size of 1165 mm x 950 mm
  • Suitable for use with Brillia processless and low chemistry thermal plates

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