Fujifilm Luxel V8 HS B1 CtP Platesetter

Fujifilm Luxel CtP V 8

Automatic high quality B1 Violet CtP Platesetter holding up to 300 plates, that can produce up to 50pph at 24,00 dpi.

Fully automatic CtP Platesetter with up to 5 cassettes and holding up to 300 plates, it is capable of producing up to 50pph (2400 dpi) or 70pph (1200 dpi).


  • Compatible with all common B1 and B2 press sizes with a maximum plate size of 1160mm x 960mm
  • Plate production speeds of up to 38 x B1 plates per hour at 2400dpi allow unrivalled plate turnaround
  • Easy to use, service and maintain
  • Designed and manufactured for exceptional reliability
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Integrated, cost-effective, high-quality plate output solution
  • Unique Fujifilm Co-Res screening delivers quality and productivity gains
  • Low cost, entry level model with a range of upgrade options
  • HD Option

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  • Up to 50 x B1 plates per hour at 2400 dpi (without punch)
  • Maximum plate size of 1162mm x 960mm (without punch)
  • Suitable for use with Brillia HD PRO-V low chemistry violet plate

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