Fujifilm FCT-E12 Printing Plate Developer

Fujifilm plate chemistry

Manufactured for use with Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PJE Litho printing plates can be used by other plate processing machines.

A ready to use formulation adaptable developer for Brillia HD LH-PJE and LH-PIE plates allowing plate processing in a variety of plate processing equipment. Safety Datasheet download.

Important information on the delivery of Litho printing plate chemistry.
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Economical usage
FCT-E12 Developer has very good chemical yield properties. This results in good cost savings achieved from long developer life, stable processing conditions and low replenisher amount requirements.

Reduced maintenance times
FCT-E12 Developer is a very clean working developer. Less time is required to clean the developer tank within the processor during the periodical processor maintenance cycle.

Easy to use

FCT-E12 Developer comes in Ready-to-Use bottles, eliminating the need for mixing and reducing the possibility for error. Aqueous based developer
FCT-E12 Developer is a water based chemical with good environmental properties. This results in easier chemical disposal.

"Open" processing
FCT-E12 developer allows LH-PJE and LH-PIE plates to process through a variety of plate processing equipment creating an open system. This gives greater options and flexibility in the processing stage.

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