Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PLE Low Chemistry CtP Litho Plate

Fujifilm low chemistry ctp litho plates

A positive working, thermal, low chemistry CtP plate for Litho printers who print long commercial print runs.

The Brillia HD LH-PLE can be used either unbaked or baked, and has a greater  scratch resistance due to the new strong alloy, and can also be used with UV inks.

Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PLE - Brochure Download


  • Suitable for extended run lengths (eg. up to 300,000 unbaked) and can be used with UV inks with or without baking
  • Robust working thanks to a new strong alloy
  • Take advantage of all the benefits of our 'lo-chem' plate production systems, when used with a Fujifilm 'ZAC' capable processor, which include lower chemistry usage, lower processor maintenance, lower waste production, a cleaner working environment and better stability

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