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PressPro Litho chemistry from Mayday is a cheaper alternative to other branded Pressroom and Pre-Press products.

This range of pressroom chemistry has been specifically designed to meet the needs of sheet-fed litho printers.

Developed jointly between Mayday Graphic Products and major UK chemical manufacturers, these pressroom solutions have been formulated to be technically advanced and provide optimum on-press performance day in, day out, and at realistic and cost effective prices.

The range offers greater environmental benefits, the fount range has been developed to work with significantly reduced Isopropyl Alcohol and many of the products are FOGRA approved.

Available in various standard sizes from Mayday directly or, in bulk containers despatched from the Midlands warehouse direct to the end-user.

Call us for a quote or see the 'Who to Contact' page for for mobile numbers and email addresses for further information on these Litho Pressroom products.

Please read Important information on the delivery of Litho printing plate chemistry.

PressPro Product List

Coatings & Varnishes

Code Product Stocked Size Courier Additional Cost Buy
600 Silk Emulsion - water based
600 High Gloss Emulsion - water based
800 UV High Gloss Varnish
800 UV High Gloss FB Varnish - foil blockable



Product & Delivery Notes

  • Any items listed LQ (limited quantity) 1L or LQ 5L mean that we can only ship up to 1L or 5L in each parcel, but we can send multiple parcels.
  • Chemistry Items listed 'Mayday' can be delivered by Us (within the Mayday delivery area), therefore there is no additional cost and larger quantities can be ordered.
  • If the product is greater than 1L or 5L per item, we cannot ship.
  • Items listed with 'Call' indicate delivery charges vary because of the weight of item / items, and can attract high delivery costs, even if they are non-hazardous for transport. So, best to call for a quote before ordering.

Addition Cost - each parcel within the consignment has a surcharge of £1 due to being hazardous. So if we have to send 4 parcels to accommodate it, that’s £4 extra.

3Fuji CS-2 for Pro-T or Fuji MCE for Pro-V and LPN-V - This product can be used with other Litho priniting plates - please call Clive 07557 281 479.

Free delivery

On orders over £150

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