Affordable MIS Solution For Litho & Digital Printers

Affordable remote access MIS (management information system) solutions for commercial litho and digital printers.

With remote access Field based sales people can enter orders directly in to the PrintAdmin system using either an iPhone or iPad

As a printer are you keeping track of orders, producing job bags using something that doesn't quite do the job and creates problems?  If you are, you Low cost remote access MIS system for litho and digital printerscould be experiencing data problems that causes you stress, especially when the job bag goes missing.

Think about what you could be doing in the time you spend on these laborious, dull tasks. How much more efficient and effective your time could be spent.

Well, there is a simple solution - which may not be all that interesting, at the moment, but will become so when you see just how easy it is to use, how much time it will save you, and of course the effect on your bottom line.

Here's the answer a low-cost solution that can automate all those time-consuming day-to-day business admin chores, leaving you time to work on the creative, profitable side of your business.

PrintAdmin is a fully integrated Management Information System designed specifically for the Printing Industry.  That provides easy reporting and monitoring of all those charges associated with litho and digital printing - sometimes the difference between making a profit or loss on a job.

“Our FileMaker Job Management Information system (MIS) is amazing! It’s the engine that keeps our 24-hour turnaround printing business running smoothly and efficiently.  FileMaker’s flexibility allows us to implement any changes right away. As continues to grow, we can always rely on FileMaker to quickly adapt to our new ideas and requirements.” - Emma Campbell - Solo Press

“PrintAdmin is a great system that we are now totally reliant on for job management. We all work as a team from the sales staff through to the accounts department and without PrintAdmin this would not be possible” - Lisa Wyatt – Business Development Manager - Printflow Communications..

Main Features & Options

Company records - Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Tracking of emails, letters, faxes & call logging - Marketing Emails - Marketing Letters - Price List - Couriers - Quotes / Estimates - Purchase Orders - Despatch Notes - Invoices - Job project management - Time Sheets - Status Key - Labels - Financial Reports - FSC Reports

Often the only reason many small and medium sized printers don't use a Management Information System (MIS) is the cost. And they'd be right; the prices are ridiculously high if you buy from one of the well known suppliers.

PrintAdmin packs so many features into the software you would think it was software from one of the big companies, and should cost much, much more, but it doesn’t.   Email and request a copy of the operating manual to just what's included, and what it can do for you and your printing business.

Amazing, but true, PrintAdmin powers one of the UK's leading online print companies, and without it, they would be working 24/7 just on the admin.

PrintAdmin does what an MIS system needs to do and at such a reasonable price that once you've tried the free versions (email us to receive these) either for MIS System for Printers Mac or PC, you'll want to use the un-restricted version as soon as possible.

Mayday Graphic Products have partnered with PrintAdmin to make this low cost, but very powerful MIS system available to both litho and digital printers at a price to match even the tightest budget.

We are so impressed with what it can do, Mayday, are willing to provide it on a printing consumable purchase deal (subject to status), please contact us for details.

Free delivery

On orders over £150